evala, 江原寛人

Sound Artist. Organizing "port" and also works with "ATAK".
Evala has recorded and released cutting-edge electronic music, and also performed in many of the world's most prestigious spaces and festivals. His recent work "acoustic bend" (released from port label in 2010) was heavily associated with field recording music using a variety of high-density sounds. Contains unprecedented processing and his topological transform-sound design received widespread critical acclaim "Evala's innovative album with his cutting-edge sounds creates a new and first musical paradigm-shift in the second decade of 21st century".
He also created installations in many of the Japan's most prestigious spaces including the YCAM, ICC, National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation. His work fe atures prominently in stereophonic sound using his multi-channels audio system device. Evala has also written a music for the film, theatrical performance, and advertising. Especially his recent sound work for advertising won the Best Programme Title Sequence prize at PromaxBDA Asia in 2012. PromaxBDA is known as the biggest advertisement awards in Asia, recognize and reward the best Ads in Asia.
(October, 2010. Photo by Kenshu Shintsubo)